Walk Artist was founded in 2016 with 20 years of experience, expertise, sure instinct in music and artist marketing, releasing music, and storytelling. That’s also 20 years of building a superb network from Hamburg to Berlin to London to Los Angeles.

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Marketing and Consulting for Artists & Brands:

International Music Management, Artist Development, Marketing and PR strategy,

Brand Partnerships,

Publishing, Sync, Copyright Clearing, 

Partner Acquisition, Collaborations, and Networking across different industries.



We are in this world to connect.

Work with fun and curiosity.

Be reliable.

Listen. Understand.

Don't show off, deliver.

Starve your ego. Don't be an asshole.

Live with compassion.

Have stories to tell, not things to show.

Be smart. Be good.

Music doesn't lie.



For repertoire owners like artists, composers, producers, labels, or managers:

We represent your catalogue in Germany, the U.K. and the USA with partners in Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York. We represent Los Angeles-based sync agency Visions From The Roof in Germany.



WALK ARTISTS Publishing is a member of GEMA. We’re administered by ROBA.

Walk with someone who shares your vision.



Asha walk.jpg